Janam kundali astrology deals with mapping out a person’s birth chart. It shows all the details existing at the exact time and date of the person’s birth. It is a graphical presentation of the planetary positions at the time of an individual’s birth.It is a tradition in India to get janam patri of a person with the help of jyotish experts.

The astrologers prepare janam kundali by date of birth and time. The birth chart is generally used to predict future life and personality traits of a person. It is also a tradition to match kundalis of the boy and girl before marriage. The tradition is known as janampatri matching. A janamkundli depicts all the planetary positions observed at the time of the birth.

It shows all the details like zodiac sign or rashi, thename of the planets in the 12 houses, yogas, and dashas. A detailed janampatri shows personality traits of a person, strengths and weaknesses of a person, and life in general. Our dhramasro Astrologer is a veteran Jyotishi of India and anexpert in janam kundali predictions. Dhramastro predicts future after studying the movements of planets in a patrika.

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