[ENGLISH] Rashi phal



For the Aries people, May has brought a wonderful combination of planets. The month of May will be rich with happiness and also, the decision-making power for the Aries people. Any decision which will be taken is likely to be correct. Get ready as there will be plenty of happiness in the case of wealth too! The Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, will herself be after you. 


However, the number of friends will be reduced in this month. Some friends will remain unaffected and after April 9, friendships will become stable. The attraction of the opposite sex will bring good message after April 9. For the Aries people, the Panchaanks will be affected from 8th April to 13th April.


At this time, it is suggested that no new bed should be broughy, and most importantly, no roof should be reconstructed during this month. By not doing these things, the household and family will prosper.


This month is great with respect to education and learning. Good news will come and admission in high school will be granted.

The enemies will be afraid to take any harmful actions. After Mercury enters Aries on April 9, the long-standing disagreement with the enemy side will be completed.

The new moon will be good for business and job after 15th April. Life partner will be happy. The fate of a spouse will work for your destiny. For the Aries people, this month will be good in the panels of health. May 15th to 22nd, there will be some pain in the stomach. After May 22, there will definitely be improvement in health.

There will be a lack of interest in the work of religion. However, you will continue to work indirectly for religion and society. For the Aries people, there is a possibility of transfer in job. The transfer will be at a beneficial place.

This month, you will be busy with your work. You may also try to do some unfair work for money.

After 15th May, the time will be auspicious. You will be respected.

From May 20 to 27, there will expenses which will keep your mind a little distracted. This expense will stop after the arrival of Mercury in Taurus on 27th May.

For the Aries people, it will be a great time for wealth and honour. The things that revolve around, such as fan, mixies, tires will give bad results. Changing and correcting them will be good for your luck.

Do not buy or bring any kind of idols in this month. In this month, keeping a red black scale which was used to weight gold will be lucky. Make sure you tie it in a yellow cloth to help in maintaining good business and family relationships.

Aries will feel happy and compassionate about the gift of life. Share this offering with your friends.

Then become one with existence. When you are unhappy you find yourself alone. Aries will spend time happily while living in a conscious state in this month. For good health, and smooth work, two and a half kilos of Maah Saabat Daal should be donated at a religious place to end the defect of Saturn.


May will bring auspicious news for the people belonging to the Taurus zodiac. Their mind will be happy in this month and many auspicious works will be done. In this month, you will lead and become a chief member within the community.

The attraction towards the opposite sex will be sudden which might lead to defame you. It would be better to stay away from such attractions. The vision of Venus this month is very important which will attract the Taurus zodiac sign to music and innovativeness.

In the case of money this month will not be any better for the Taurus zodiac. Even after efforts, no more cash will be available. With the entry of Sun in Taurus after May 14, the remaining month will be auspicious and in good condition.

From 1 May to 13, time will be of uncertainty. There will be fear in the mind without any reason. The number of friends will be less. Keeping distance from friends will prove beneficial. With respect to the family status, it will be auspicious after the Sankraanti of May 14.

New house will be auspicious. In the case of education, this month will not show any good effect. Due to Mercury being in Aries during the period from April 9 to April 27, there will be obstructions in education and an inability to make any permanent decision. There is a chance of travelling overseas, or at least plans will be made for future travels.

Taurus people will not have a hard time working this month. Even if such a situation arises, then the native will be successful in doing all the work intelligently with minimum effort.

In this month there will be some family troubles.

There will be some improvement in this situation after the new moon on 15 May. The mind will not be able to make certain decisions in the area of religion. At this time, it is suggested that one should listen to the inner guidance and do not pay attention to the external noise.

Your reverence on your part will lead you to auspicious path. Take special care for health. Going to some important religious place will be complete after interruptions. Business and job conditions are not much favourable in this month.

After May 14, the respect in the society will be improved definitely. By 14th May, the expenditure will remain high. But more expenses will be on good deeds only. May will not show any good effect in the month of health for Taurus people. Completing small tasks will also be hampered. As a remedy, Taurus should not buy iron goods and locks in this month. On the day of Amavasya, two and a half kilos of maah saabat dal should be donated at any religion place. This will provide relief from all the difficulties coming in this month.


In May, Gemini has a beautiful combination of planets and constellations. This month will be busy and happy. In the case of money, there is also a wonderful combination.

On May 2, Mars will enter Capricorn. This yoga will make you effective. You will form new friendships with influential people. Money will be spent on good things for home. There will be ideas and work done to make your house beautiful. There may also be a possibility of having a party at home.

Jupiter’s sight is auspicious for Gemini people. Higher education will be received. Regarding learning, there is a possibility of a journey to foreign lands and staying away from home through which you will gain knowledge.

The family will benefit due to the auspicious vision of the Moon. Good news will come. In the case of marriage, this month is auspicious for removing any obstacles in forming unions. From 8 May to 13 May the Panchaanks will be going on, and therefore, do not do any new work related to money at this time. Do not lend money to anyone. Avoid family discord.

Time will be of great influence after May 13. Saturn’s vision is auspicious for you. The fate of your spouse will work for you. There may be a little argument, however after 15 May’s new moon, family life will be happy again.

In the month of May, Gemini will have foot and back pain problems. After 18th May, there will definitely be improvement in health. And in the respect of destiny, it will produce great results. All the work will be achieved by only trying. You will also find yourself doing some religious activities during this period. There will be new plans circulating regarding business and job. Keep in mind that those plans will take a few months to succeed.

You will stay focused and relaxed. You will be able to accept all of your responsibilities from others without any kind of expectations. Time is bringing a new quality in all the tasks.

Trade and jobs will give great results this month. Sun’s aspect for Gemini people is very auspicious this month. From 15th to 29th May, the time will be auspicious. Good news will come. Money will increase. The fate of your spouse will prove to be very beneficial this month.

In this month, guests, especially aunt and sister, should be given something sweet on their departure which will create new happiness for your family. In the month of May, there are chances that your electrical appliances will be damaged or give you trouble. Rectifying those which will cause good effect for health.

In May, from 2 to 16 May, giving two and a half kilogram of Maah Saabat daal in a religious place will create a good effect for the family and your health.


For Cancer, the month of May witnesses a beautiful combination of stars because of which their time will be spent happily. However, there will be some delay in decision making due to Rahu’s position in the horoscope. And your decisions will be changed several times. But do not worry, as any decision that you will make will produce good results.

In the case of money this month will have good effect. The Sun will produce the auspicious fruits for you and consequently, the money will keep flowing in without efforts. New schemes will be made in respect of money which will be successful. Mercury’s vision is not very good till May 9.

There might be some tensions relating to friends and family members. But after 9th May it will end the bitterness and create happy times.

Jupiter will have the best effect this month. You will be occupied with your new house, will enjoy pleasures of a new vehicle and may also be involved in making your house beautiful. From 8th to 13th May, it is the time of Panchaanks. Do not buy beddings, beds and marriage related accessories at this time. Doing so will provide you with the best results.

The period from 15 May (New Moon) to 29 May (Full Moon) will be auspicious and your stopped work will be accomplished.

This month, even empty wells will be filled with water. In this month there will be an increase in the land property. The mind will be happy.

In the case of education, this month will remain dormant due to Mars’s vision. The entry of Mars in Capricorn on 2nd will impact your decision-making power from 2nd to 27th May. The impact will be up on education and marriage.

The enemy side will remain silent, instead the enemies will express a sense of friendship. However, it will be wise to be careful of the enemy forces.

There will be some arguments with your life partner from May 13 to May 15. However, relations will improve after 15th May and the family happiness will prosper. Always remember the celebration of life by trying to live in the moment. It is the right time to be free from the old structures and habits of life. This month you are opening the door to new possibilities because of which you will be able to come out of the bondage of the past.

You will leave an indelible impression in whatever area you will be working. And in the crowd of people, your personality will have a charming effect. Run your vehicle slowly this month, and if possible, do not drive the vehicle at night, then it will be very good. On 9th May, Mercury will end all the troubles after entering Aries. Destiny will shine. Honour in the society will increase. From 1st May to 14th May, there will be some anger in nature which will obstruct your work.

This month, the attraction of the opposite will increase, and this will keep your mind happy. Success will be achieved. The expenses in this month will be much higher which will create good effect. Serving the elderly in this month will be fruitful. When doing any auspicious work, setting up of a pitcher will produce good fruits. In this month the fields of agriculture will benefit you, therefore go ahead with your gardening plans.

After 9th May, giving two-and-a-half kilogram of Maah Saabat lentils at a religious place will provide relief in the panic relating to health and other remove other obstacles.


Due to the auspicious vision of the planets and constellations, Leo zodiac is very promising this month. The people belonging to the Leo star sign will emerge as strong, successful and better decision-makers in the month of May.

The sight of the Sun will be very favourable, however, in the case of money, this month will be less beneficial. On May 9, the entry of Mercury in Aries will fulfil the lack of money and as a result, there will be continued peace. The business will also increase. This month you will make some new friends who will be very effective and helpful.

From May 8 to May 13, the time of Panchaanks is not very auspicious. Do not give money to anyone in this time. Do not spend too much. Then good luck will follow. In the case of family status, this month will be very joyful and will feel like a festival. Concern regarding the security of your house will constantly create fear in mind.

For education, this month will be auspicious due to the sight of Mars. However, new admissions will remain interrupted. But after 14th May, all the difficulties will get easier as the Sun enters Taurus.

Enemies can plan conspiracies for the Leos in this month. Be careful and remain optimistic.

You will touch the depths and heights of emotions in your relationship this month. This month will pass through the difficult conditions of the business. Let all the colours of life enter within yourself. You will find yourself more prosperous by this. You are simply cantered at this time.

Regarding health, the signs of difficulties in stomach, chest and teeth will remain in the prevalent.

After May 9, Mercury will be able to get rid of all the miseries as soon as it enters Aries. Higher luck will accompany you. The Sun will enter Taurus on 14th May in a very well condition. Due to the Change in the position of the Sun, the sense of anger in the nature of Leos will increase. This month will be pleasurable for business and job. New plans will be made which will be accompanied in collaboration with friends. If you are planning for new ventures, it will start this month.

The vision of Saturn will not be very beneficial for family situations from April 18. It will be appropriate for the people belonging to Leo that they do not support those who work against religion. Otherwise, honour will be reduced in the society.

Money will be spent on friends, festivities and home this month. The sight of the moon is very auspicious for the people of Leo.

Lakshmi, who crosses the Bhav Sagar of the world, will be the master of spiritual practice and accomplishment. Worshiping of women in this month will become a cause of progress. Every third day in this month will bring happiness. The attraction towards the opposite will increase and which will lead to family discord.

After 15 May’s new moon, the whole time will be enjoyed with a lot of happiness. This will save from accidents.

In this month, it is suggested that no clay utensils, building material and floor repair material should be brought.

For good health and business stability, two and a half kilograms of moong saabat  daal (lentils) should be thrown into the running water after May 8.

This horoscope has been prepared by the religion Astro team from the old and famous red book also called the Laal Kitaab.



For the Virgo zodiac, this month will be auspicious due to the favourable combination of planets and constellations. Breakthrough decisions will succeed in the period from 1st May to 8th May. Mercury on May 9 will not be good for strong decisions after it enters Aries. It would be better to take major decision before 9th May.

In the case of money, this month will be very successful. The money which is blocked will come and honour will be received from close relatives. Friends will be helpful and influential for the Virgo zodiac this month. During this month, due to the auspicious vision of the Moon, your copper coins will also work as silver nuggets.

The time of the Panchaks will be from 8 May to 13 May. At this time, do some good activity in the family. Due to not having auspicious vision of Mars, there will be some family discord. After 13th May this condition will definitely improve. And again, family happiness and mutual relations will be joyful.

In the case of education, this month is not very bright. Despite good location and wealth, there will be some problems in higher education. After 15th May’s new moon, this problem will be solved with beauty. The enemy’s side will remain closed. There is a fear of more harm from the inner enemies rather than external ones.

Do not reveal your secrets to anyone in this month. Keep doing your important work secretly. Together with the spouse and his/her advice will produce good deeds which will be helpful in the emergence of your fate. It will be auspicious for health too.

In the case of religion, this month will be exciting. Many religious ceremonies will take place and make sure that you are part of them. This will produce great fruits.

Honour in society will increase. This is a very important time for you. Live every moment in its entirety. Not to be confused with past or future. If you are not aware and not alert, then you will miss an important experience and opportunity.

You can enter spiritual development and freedom by becoming free from the world’s far-reaching plans and trials. Maintain balance between your relationships. Jobs and business will give great results this month. The arrival of Venus in Taurus on May 27 will bring good luck.

Shani will be auspicious for the Virgo descendants this month. New plans will be made and there will be advancement in your business and job. With the help of friends, success in new plans will be achieved. In this month, religious work will emerge as a pillar of success.

The expenditure will be less in this month. Peace of mind and night’s sleep will remain good. Due to the vision of Jupiter, Virgo people will receive honour.

To avoid the problem relating to wealth, and to give success in the field of education, donating two and a half kilos of Maah Saabut Dal (lentils) at a religion place will give relief to all the obstacles in this month.


For Libra, there appears to be a beautiful alliance of the planets and constellations in May. In this month, the Libra zodiac will have immense success. Due to the auspicious sight of the Moon, difficult and non-workable efforts in this month will also be successful.

In this month, you will be able to make historic and decisive decisions. In the case of money, this month will show good effect. Paused and borrowed money will come back.

Due to the auspicious positioning of Mars, friends and family members will remain unaffected this month. After Mercury enters Aries on May 9, there will be sweetness in relations again.

Panchaanks will be from May 8 to 13. Do not travel during this time. Do not start a new business too and do not join any new place in connection with your job. After May 13, the good effect of the Sun will be beneficial and will make you immensely successful.

After 15 May, there will be new travel opportunities. Travel and travel related plans will be formed.

In the case of education, Jupiter’s condition is good which will give every kind of academic success. Good news will come, and it may also allow you to explore foreign lands.

Success will be with you. The enemy side will be subject to your influence. However, the enemy may be someone very close to you. After 15th May, you will be interested in exercising and yoga. And this is a good time to start it.

This month is extremely profitable for your business and job. If you had started a new business, it will start to grow. However, with the emergence of the Sun, you are getting rid of the material attachments by getting out of the everyday illusory world.

Do not be bound by the negative nets of your mind. This makes it difficult to get rid of the negative mentality. Now you can drop your anxieties.

The people belonging to the Libra zodiac might develop some chest problems after the new moon of 15 May. Of course, after 18th May, disease will be completely cured.

In this month, the natives belonging to the Libra zodiac will be interested in religious activities. You will remain busy, and will indirectly keep performing religious activities with full integrity.

There is a possibility of travelling in relation to business and job, which will be beneficial. You’re your hard work, you will earn honour and respect this month.

In this month the expenditure will be related to luxury and your work. On Tuesday 15 May, donating two coconuts to any religious place on the new moon will save you from unnecessary struggle with governmental work.

Due to the auspicious position of the Moon, drinking milk in silver vessels this month will produce great results, whereas in the other metal utensils – will produce average results, and finally, drinking in a pot of glass, will produce the lowest fruits. Buying silver in this month will greatly improve your fate.

There will be immense success. It will be auspicious to eat a mixture of milk and rice on 29th May’s full moon which will bring good luck and keep your heart relaxed.

As a precaution, do not buy electric-heating equipment, heater geysers, etc. in this month. By doing this, you will be saved from useless mental suffering.


May will be fortunate due to the beautiful alliance of planets and constellations. Due to the position of Mars, Scorpio will take many important decisions in this month.

Regarding wealth, in this month, you will get sudden wealth. The paused money will come back. There will be some arguments with friends. After the new moon of May 15, the relationship with friends and family members will be sweet again.

You will spend money to make your house beautiful. This will give good results. This month will be good for education. Good news will come.

The vision of Jupiter being good on Scorpio zodiac, you will be a success this month. You might go away from your home for high education. The enemy’s side will remain closed. You will get success in court cases. Destiny will give victory. The fate of your life partner will bring success to your destiny this month.

You will spend on luxurious things this month. New clothes and perfumes will come to the same house. In the case of health, Scorpio will remain in robust. May 8 to 13 May is the time of the Panchaanks. Do not do any religious rituals at this time. And also, go for a pilgrimage on after May 13.

By entering Taurus on 27 May, Mercury will be accompanied by Sun,and Venus, and this will increase the relation and family trust with the spouse. And life will run successfully.

The new business will start. The job will be promoted. High officials will be supporting. In this month, your intense plans and hard work will be successful in every area of ​​creative and creative life.

The Scorpio is in the mood of great generosity. You will share your richness and happiness with your heart. For which, on May 15th, during the time of Bharani Nakshatra, putting moong sabat lentils in a copper pitcher (on which the top of the copper lid is placed) and letting it go in flowing water will be auspicious for you.

You will be interested in religious activities. You will travel to a religious place. On 14th May, on the day of the Sankranthi, the Sun will enter the Taurus zodiac sign, it will be auspicious for you. New business plans will be created which are likely to grow. News of promotion will come.

Due to the auspiciousness of Saturn, more respect will come than wealth. Apply sandalwood on your forehead for success in the Raj Darbar as this will remove all obstacles during this month.

Benefit will be derived from paternal property. Health and comfort will be found. Putting a square piece of copper in the water will be auspicious for your life partner’s life.

Do not let any stagnate water on your roof. You will remain nostalgic this month.


Due to the beautiful alliance of the planets and constellations, this month will be very beneficial for Sagittarius people. The situation of Mars brings an opportunity to lead the society.

This will present your new personality to the people. Honour will be respected. Due to the Sun’s condition, all planets of Sagittarius will stay awakened state this month. This will be a very beneficial situation according to astrology.

In the case of money, May very auspicious. However, money will come slowly this month. But the income will remain good. You will also meet old friends and acquaintances. That will be pleasant. Friends will bring monetary benefits too!

Sagittarius in relation to family will be happy in the month of May. New house, new vehicle may be obtained. Your interest in home decoration and vehicles will be successful. This month is very effective for education.

Good news will come about education. And for this, you will have to go far abroad which will be extremely beneficial. This month is beneficial for jobs and governmental purposes. From 8th to 13th May, the time is of Panchaanks. This time is not very good for health. Do not travel in the night during this time.

Do not repair your vehicles. Then it will create very auspicious results. The sun’s position is very auspicious till May 14. Even if you are not the eldest in the family, you will be respected like elders. There will be festivities in the family, marriages and religious rituals can happen too. Which will create a happy time.

After May 14, due to the alliance between the Sun and Mars in Taurus, the victory in the Raj Darbar and the court will be won. Keep in mind that some pain can remain in foot. You must be aware and alert while making important decisions.

With a transparent insight like glass, you will be able to take all the loads of your past and engage in creative work with totality. You will cross all the obstacles in this month easily.

You will complete your work. You can hurt others by keeping the truth in front of people. Even while speaking truth this month, remain compassionate. Then all the good fruits will be born.

In this month, due to the condition of Mercury, the Rajyog has remained. You will achieve respect from all sides along with a proper place in the society. The fate of the spouse will give good fruit. Which will be helpful in making your work successful.

In regards to health, May will be auspicious for the Sagittarius people. Light headache can occur. After 17th May, surely you will feel healthier than ever. Due to the condition of Saturn, it will be good to stay away from the wandering monks.

Toothache can remain. In the case of religion, your association with religious activities will remain due to the sight of the moon from 1st May to 14th May. You will take part in religious activities this month.


Your new business will start. This month will be extremely lucky for your job too.

If the home appliances of Sagittarius people have been damaged in this month, get them repaired immediately. Donating a two and a half kilo of milk at a religious place on 15th of May (new moon) will provide relieve all troubles.

In this month, carry a silver coin with yourself. With this remedy, your mind will remain calm and happy.


May is making the people of Capricorn decent, wealthy and happy with the wonderful combination of planets and constellations. In this month there might be some problems in leadership and decision making. On 2 May, the entry of Mars into Capricorn will strengthen the Capricorn and make you physically strong. From this, Capricorn will be successful in making better decisions and making good leadership.

Capricorn in the case of money will be good this month. However, hard work will be required for money. Money will not be stopped. You will form new friendships. However, the new friends will not be worthy of trust. Be careful not to expose your secrets to them. Mercury is being entered in Aries on 2 May which is very auspicious for Capricorns.

There will be discussions in the house regarding wealth and fixed deposits. And work towards it will be mobilized. There are chances for a new home or a new vehicle. So, you might move to a new house or buy a new vehicle this month.

There has been some problems in buying a new vehicle in the past, however all those will be solved in this month and the pleasure of the new vehicle will be achieved.

This month is very important in education’s case. The sight of Venus is full of friendliness for Capricorns which will bring success in the Vidya’s case. Good news about Vidya will come. There will be plans for reading abroad for higher education which will be successful.

Victory in the affairs of the enemies and Courts will accompany.

At this time you are sensitive and open. Your positive energy is generating an acceptable aura around you which will help you to get acquainted with the deep secrets of this world. You are developing beautiful art of listening and acceptance. By which you will be creating peace and balance between work relationships.

The fate of the spouse will accompany From 8th May to 13th May. The Panchaak’s time is not auspicious. The family will remain confused. There can be a dispute about travel. After 13th May the journey will definitely end the dispute. And the relationship with the spouse will be good again.

This month will be filled with happiness for the people of Capricorn zodiac. Health will be great. From May 13 to May 15, light-hearted headache can remain. Of course, after 17th May, you will find yourself more healthy than before.

There will be interest in religion.

In this month, the sum of both the promotion and transfer of the mercenaries in trade and employment are possible. There will be a lot of progress in the trade. New plans will be made. The plans for a few months of business will be successful. In relation to the job, there is a chance of transferring which will produce good fruits. The grace of the superior officers will remain and you will be impressed by their friendly behavior. On May 2, after the entry of Mars into Capricorn, honor will go towards new heights. Even if you are not the eldest in the family, you will be respected like an elder.

There will be a lot expenditure in this month. Which will be for home and family works.

The position of Jupiter is great for Capricorn in this month. In this month, maintain communal harmony in religious activities.

In the month of May, the useless luggage lying on the roof should be removed to avoid wasteful expenses. Building material and old iron goods should be removed from the roof. The roof must be kept clean.

The back and the neck will remain strained. As a remedy, on 15th May (the new moon), on the day of Bharani constellation, 2.5 kg yellow gram pulses (yellow Channe ki Daal) should be donated at any religious place. Certainly, there will be plenty of support in health and family happiness.



The effective combination of planets and constellations will provide freedom to the Aquarius people in the month of May.

Aquarians will make a solid decision in this month. This decision will prove to be decisive for family and business growth. Engagements will continue.

In the case of money, May will provide good fruits to the Aquarians. Sudden money will come and will keep the mind happy.

You will form friendships and the new friends will be influential people.

On Monday 14th May, the entry of the Sun in the Taurus (on the day of Sankranti) will become the symbol of the success for the Aquarius people. Friends will benefit. More friends will be helpful to you. The family relations will be extremely fortunate. There is a chance of buying new vehicle or sign papers for the new house. Which will be fruitful this month.

In the case of education, this month is going to give success. The dilemma for distance learning and a new place will continue. On the 27th of May, Venus will become a very auspicious with the combination of Sun Mercury and Venus from entering into the Taurus. This change will be respectful and respectable to the house.

In the month of May, there will be good expenditure on home and vehicle. May 8 to 13 May is the time of the Panchaanks. This time is not suitable for court and borrowing. It would be better to try this work after May 13. The opposing parties will keep taking action slowly which will be stressful for the mind.

May 15th, after the new moon, the companionship of the spouse and his/her fortune will be equally beneficial.

In May, Aquarians be ready to jump into the unknown. Due to an important new decision, you will find yourself full of life energy. Find yourself free from the past. By not giving attention to the projects and profit loss, you will be immersed in your amazement by your instinctive activities. Your innocence and devotion will take you to an enjoyable turn of life where the success is eagerly waiting for you. Your inner balance will be visible to the entire world, reflected in the outer world.

Jupiter’s status is very important for the Aquarians in the month of May. There will be engagement in religious places and in the works of religion. This will result in respect and preserve a proper place in the society. Travel to a religious place will have good effect. There will be a small celebration in the family which will be a pleasure to all.

From 18th April, the effect of the retrograde Saturn is on the business and the job. Whoever does not have much good influence. Conflicts in business and job will increase. Success will be less according to the conflict.

In this month, together with your brother or brother of your spouse, try to give new direction to any work. Which would prove to be beneficial. A journey will be done, which will keep the mind happy.

The Sun’s position in Aquarius is strengthening Jupiter. Surya will be successful and prosperous. Health and promotion will remain.

Through the elderly’s blessings, people will grow. Or will get the best results from their service.

In this month, donating two and a half kilograms of milk every week to any religious place will give a shine to your luck. The mind will be happy, and your work will be completed.


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